Crack'd Toffeee

Artisanal Micro-Batch Toffees

About Us

"A generations-old recipe so secret and so treasured that it is never written down."

The Crack'd story

The recipe at the heart of our toffees has been passed from mother to daughter, sister to sister and friend to friend through the time-honored tradition of gathering around the kitchen to make something truly exceptional. The only way to learn the secret of the toffee was through the companionship that came with making it together, step by careful step, until it was committed to memory.

Even the finest of life’s treasures, however, can be refined and there comes a time to break with the old…when tradition gets Crack’d! With time and experimentation…and many willing taste tests…the recipe evolved into something new. Originally only a holiday treat, our toffee found its way to the table to be enjoyed in spring, summer and fall.

Today, Crack’d toffee is an award-winning artisanal, micro-batch confection still made by friends and family who gather together around the kitchen to make something truly exceptional.  The size of our kitchen may have grown but the spirit of companionship at the heart of our story hasn’t changed.

About our founders

Alex and Cherlene Wright met in college more than thirty years ago. Despite attending an all-women's college, Cherlene managed to assuage her grandmother's fears when, while at Mills College, she met Alex, a student at the University of the Pacific and the man who would one day be her husband.  Cherlene went on to pursue a two decade-long career in law enforcement while Alex worked in branding and packaging design before starting a second chapter in healthcare philanthropy. Together they raised two wonderful sons and spent their evenings and long car trips discussing the kinds of businesses they might one day start.

The toffee recipe found its way into the Wright's kitchen from a dear friend and for many Christmases it was Cherlene's holiday gift to family and friends. After years spent experimenting, modifying and refining the recipe into something new, however, the time came to share the toffee, albeit a new and slightly Crack'd version, with the world.